Our animals

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Our animals

Meet black Larry, Charlie Brown and Humphrey, our alpacas. They are gentle, rather timid creatures but they are amusing and great fun to have around.

Charlie Brown is the eldest and was born on 11th August 2003. Humphrey was born on 7th June 2004, a day before Larry who was born on 8th June 2004.

Chicken Shack

This is the latest addition to our menagerie. We have three Polish Bantams, called Nigella (the boss), Miranda and Sandie; two Rhode Island Reds, Rhoda and Isla; four Pekins, Cocka-one, Cocka-two, Priscilla and Elise; and two Orpingtons - the lovely white Mandy and her friend Matilda. They've recently been joined by two Khaki Campbell ducks, Suzie and Bert. Chicken Shack is on public view in the gardens.